The Master of Science in Management in Sales Management courses are offered either as a specialty degree in the Master of Science in Management program or can be applied to a Sales Management certificate. Explore the entire Master of Science in Management Program here.

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MSM class

Sales Management – Nothing happens until somebody sells something. The Master of Science in Management in Sales Management degree recognizes the growing number of opportunities in the sales field and the need to apply sound management practices to the sales force.  This course of study provides an overview of how to plan, organize, lead and control a sales team.  Students will learn how to successfully match the selling process with a decision maker’s buying process. 

The program consists of a total of 12 courses, or 36 semester credits. Students must earn at least a 'B' grade point average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) - both overall and on final projects completed as part of the capstone course.

Core courses within the M.S.M. program include the following:

  •  MSM 501 Communicating Effectively as a Manager
  •  MSM 505 Project Management
  •  MSM 514 Leadership Foundations
  •  MSM 525 Spirit of Enterprise
  •  MSM 533 Human Resource Management and Strategy
  •  MSM 619 Strategic Planning and Implementation
  •  MSM 652 Managerial Decision-Making: Finance & Budgeting
  •  MSM 674 Master's Capstone: Research, Synthesis, Applications

Students within the Sales Management track need to complete four of the following five courses:

  • MSM 560: Business Law

Introduces the U.S. legal system from the perspective of a business leader who must understand how laws affect potential courses of action available to the enterprise.  The course provides an overview of the laws pertaining to: corporations, agency, contracts, property, product liability, and sales.  Learning occurs through the case method of teaching, using real-life legal cases that have been adjudicated in our national court system.

  • MSM 580: Foundations of Professional Sales

Combines personal selling theory with actual practice. Students learn skills needed for successful careers in sales and marketing.

  • MSM 667 Leading Organizational Change

This course examines the skills and knowledge that leaders need to manage this change process successfully. The full change process is explored, including organizational assessment; the selection, design, and implementation of appropriate interventions; and evaluation.

  • MSM 681: Consultative Professional Sales

Students will learn how to successfully match the selling process with a decision maker’s buying process.

MSM 682: Sales Force Leadership

This course focuses on the activities and problems of first line sales managers. The role and functions of the sales manager will be examined including sales force size and organization, hiring, training, compensating and evaluating salespeople.

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