General Degree Requirements

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Core Requirements (57 credits) Credits

English Composition
(includes "MHU151 Rhetoric and Composition" and "MHU152 Composition and Research")

Humanities 6

Language and Literature
(includes "MHU131 Presiding, Presenting, and Speaking" and one literature elective)


Mathematics and Natural Science
(includes MID150 College Mathematics and one natural science elective. Social Work and Social Science students must take "BIOL103 General Biology" as their natural science.)


(includes "MID100 Critical Thinking")

Religious Studies 6

Social and Behavioral Sciences
(includes "MSO200 Human Cultural Diversity" and an international studies elective)


("MIS105 Microcomputer Applications I")


("MID495 Senior Seminar")

Major/Elective Courses 63

Core Curriculum: A Liberal Education

A strong liberal arts foundation is the hallmark of a Catholic University education. A liberal education provides an exceptional undergraduate background, regardless of one's intended life or career path. The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) summarized the power of a liberal education when it issued its "Statement of Liberal Learning:"

…Liberal learning is not confined to particular fields of study. What matters in liberal education is substantial content, rigorous methodology and an active engagement with the societal, ethical, and practical implications of our learning. The spirit and value of liberal learning are equally relevant to all forms of higher education and to all students.

…The ability to think, to learn, and to express oneself both rigorously and creatively, the capacity to understand ideas and issues in context, the commitment to live in society, and the yearning for truth are fundamental features of our humanity. In centering education upon these qualities, liberal learning is society's best investment in our shared future.

The B.A.I.S degree program reflects Catholic University's commitment to a liberal education.