What kind of job can I get with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies?

  • Business
  • Community and social service
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Financial
  • Healthcare and science
  • Information technology
  • Management-related
  • Sports, communication, and design
  • Teaching

Why should I complete my Bachelors degree?

  • Facilitating career advancement
  • Allowing a smooth transition with career changes
  • Potential increase in wages
  • Promotes networking opportunities
  • Can help rekindle desire to learn

What is the average salary for a professional who completes a Bachelors degree?
According to the United States Census Bureau, the median annual salary for individuals who earn their bachelor’s degree is $55,700 versus $32,500 for individuals who earn only their high school diploma.

Over a lifetime, high school graduates earn an average of $1.3 million, while bachelor’s degree holders earn $2.3 million in a lifetime. Salaries vary a great deal based on which field you pursue and what market you live in, but earning your bachelor’s degree is a safe and reliable way to increase your professional value.