Tracking Sheet

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CORE Courses: 
8 Courses = 24 Credits 
Theology and Religious Studies

TRACK Courses: 
12 Courses = 36 Credits 
Human Services Track Courses

Religious Studies Elective (MRE)

MSO 101 Introduction to Human Services
PCEP Prior Learning Portfolio*


MSO 180 General Psychology

MPH 250 Professional Ethics

MSO 190 Sociology

English Composition

MSO 250 Abnormal Psychology

MHU 151 Rhetoric and Composition

MSO 365 Introduction to Counseling

MHU 152 Composition and Research

MSO 396 Working with Couples and Families

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

MSO 461 Psychology of Group Behavior

MID 150 College Mathematics

MSO 328 Public Policy and Human Services

MID 210 Introduction to Biological Sciences

MSO 340 Human Services Administration

Social and Behavioral Sciences

MSO 345 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services

MSO 200 Human Cultural Diversity

MSO 450 Case Management and Crisis Intervention


MID 495 HS Internship**
PCEP Prior Learning Portfolio

MIS 105 Introduction to Information Technology

**Student will locate and complete an off-site internship at a D.C. Board approved site. Catholic University will provide a faculty member who assigns student projects or writing about the internship. 3 credits for completion.