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Accomplish more with your Early Childhood Degree

The Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree is designed for working professionals in the field of Infant/Toddler/Early Childhood Education. Such professionals generally teach young children from infancy through third grade. The coursework in the associate's degree helps a student develop both the theoretical foundation and the practical skills required for the teacher to make a positive impact in the lives of the children under his or her charge.

The Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree requires 24 core general education credit hours (that is, 8 three-credit courses) and 36 major credit hours (12 three-credit courses).

You will complete a core curriculum of the necessary skills in Early Childhood Education providing tools and processes to give your career an accelerated start in public and private schools, child daycare services, state and local government. Classes are offered in the evening allowing you to work during the day.