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Semester Courses
Fall 2019 MED 202: Responsive Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
MHU 151: Rhetoric and Composition
Spring 2020 MED 201: Health, Safety and Nutrition for Infant/Toddler Care
MID 150: College Mathematics
Summer 2020 MED 203: (Face to Face or Hybrid Course)
MHU 251: History of Education
Fall 2020 MHU 131: Presiding, Presenting, and Speaking Education Elective
Spring 2021 MED 204: Infant/Toddler Learning/Care Environments
MSO 200: Human Cultural Diversity
Summer 2021 EDUC 261B: Human Growth and Development with Concentration from Birth to Age 8
MED 205: Leadership and Management for Infant/Toddler Professionals
Fall 2021 EDUC 271: Psychology of Education (Required Field Experience)
MID 210: Introduction to Biological Sciences Education elective
Spring 2022 MED 206: Observation and Assessment of Infants and Toddlers
PHIL 201: The Classical Mind
Summer 2022 MED 207: Infant/Toddler Internship
MRE 101: Introduction to the Study of Religion