October 28, 2017

Fifty alumni, current students, faculty and staff of the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies at The Catholic University of America gathered October 28 during the Cardinal Weekend reunion weekend to discuss ways to extend and improve their personal brands in today's highly competitive business world.

After attendees enjoyed a tasty brunch, Prof.  Harvey F. Seegers of CUA's business school provided a keynote on personal branding. A personal brand rests on four pillars, he said: prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance.

Discern where you are weak in these areas, and take action to improve, Professor Seegers advised the group.  Envision what your brand will look like three years from now, and consciously move toward that vision, he advised.

Develop a story describing your personal brand, he said. “Be the hero of your story.”

After Professor Seegers’ keynote, attendees could choose from four different breakout sessions. Dr. Joyce Henderson, former vice president of human resources for Marriott International, spoke on the topic, “You Have Earned Your Degree, Now What?” Dan Bond president and CEO of the Synthetic Turf Council, spoke about the value of industry credentials in demonstrating expertise and improving one’s career marketability.  Su Lazo, assistant director of the university’s career center, offered advice on changing careers, and David Angus Reeve, executive director of American Red Cross Biomedical Services, spoke on “Connecting Your Degree to Your Passions.”

A recording of Professor Seegers' presentation at the brunch is available on YouTube.