October 31, 2017
Kenny Baldwin ‘17 received a prestigious award last month from a leading organization of universities that offer continuing-education programs, recognizing how he used his coursework at the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies to transform his life. 
Kenny was one of several current or recent students who were named Outstanding Continuing Education Students by the Mid-Atlantic Region of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association at its annual meeting in New Brunswick. N.J. 
The award is given to an adult student who has met the challenge of an unconventional educational background and through individual growth accomplished in pursuit of his/her educational goals, became an inspiration to others. 
Kenny certainly fits that description. “Through his enthusiastic embrace of adult education, Mr. Baldwin has overcome the challenges posed by his background and setting. He used those educational experiences to fashion himself a new life and career -- indeed, a new self-identity and purpose -- that centers on helping and inspiring others,” President John Garvey wrote in a letter endorsing Kenny’s nomination for the award.  
After spending time in prison on a drug-related charge, he participated in a training program for aspiring counselors offered by Catholic Charities of Washington. He then transitioned to the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies, where he enrolled in an associate’s degree program in human services administration at the Catholic University of America. 
He first earned an associate’s degree from Metro, and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree in January 2017, along the way being selected for induction into the Alpha Sigma Lambda honorary society. 
After completing his bachelor’s degree with Metro, Kenny was able to qualify as a board-certified addiction counselor in the District of Columbia, providing vital assistance to people in the same unfortunate state that afflicted him not so many years ago.