October 31, 2017
Happy fall to you and your family. Here at the Metropolitan School, we are busily preparing for the start of the spring semester, just around the corner in January.

Since you have experienced first-hand the quality and power of the educational programs offered by the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies, please consider sharing your enthusiasm for your alma mater with friends and professional contacts. If you know anyone who would benefit from our programs as you have, please encourage them to inquire or apply today. We are still accepting applications for spring semester!

As you know, we offer bachelor’s degrees in information technology, social science, social work, and individualized studies, and we have added new master’s degrees in emergency service administration, health service administration, and social service administration. In January, we will start a new program in paralegal education. In addition, the master of science in management is now offered in collaboration with our colleagues in The Busch School of Business and Economics.

Share these wonderful features of MSPS with prospective students:
  • expert faculty
  • evening and weekend classes
  • easy online application — with no standardized admissions test
  • access to federal aid and private scholarships
Questions? Concerns? Reach out to our admissions department: metropolitan@cua.edu or 202-319-5256. Or visit metro.catholic.edu