August 09, 2017
The Metropolitan School of Professional Studies has launched a series of noncredit online classes in Spanish that aim to help English-speaking medical professionals better communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.
The Spanish for Health Professionals Certificate consists of four online courses that can be taken in any order: Medial Spanish Essential, Medical Spanish Informative, Medical Spanish Communicative, and Cultural Competence in Health Care. An optional eight-day international clinical practicum also is available.
Many healthcare professionals will find the skills taught in the courses extremely useful. You will expand your skill set to better serve Spanish-speaking patients and their families in a linguistically and culturally competent manner. The program stresses sensitivity to and respect for cultural and ethnic diversity in health care settings.
Each online course includes 35 hours of instruction, and tuition is $1500 per course with a10% scholarship for employees at Catholic institutions and CUA alumni. Information is available at