August 09, 2017
Dr. Mary C. Roary, a program director at the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Nursing Research, is a knowledgeable and motivated public health epidemiologist who has experience in infectious and chronic diseases, with a focus on research methodology, biostatistics, public health advising, business and policy.   
  1.  What do you enjoy about teaching?
Everything! I have taken so much from academia and I have strong need to give back. I enjoy helping and seeing others do better than me. I can share the joys and pains of academia. In addition, my teaching style is “real-world” with a “down-to- earth” cutting-edge perspective that can help students right now and in the future-simply because I have already been there and done that. I am especially proud to be a part of CUA’s MSPS family and thoroughly enjoy working here because of the diversity of the students, the cadre of esteemed faculty and staff, and the MSPS selection of “real-world” and “can make a difference” degrees, certificates, classes, and other curricula offerings.
  1.  How did you come to teach at the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies?
A colleague gave my name to the prior MSPS Leadership and staff…. The rest is a beautiful history.  
  1.  Tell us a bit about your day job.
By day, I am a scientist. It is an extremely busy and challenging profession but it keeps me so inspired and fulfilled that I actually believe in the future that we will all be able to live some 110 years before any major illness overcome our bodies.
  1.  What advice would you offer to a new student in the Metropolitan School?
Of course you can do this, because who else will if you don’t? It will be hard, and you will have to make a “hell” of a sacrifice and commit to excellence, but I promise that it will all certainly pay off, and the “sky” will really be the new limit to what you can do and accomplish.
You can only do this at MSPS, and every step of the way the MSPS family of faculty, staff, and students will help you to the best of their God-given abilities and cheer you to the finish line. My best personal advice to give to a new student in the MSPS is on the first day of class to the last day of class, read over your class notes daily as if you were reading a newspaper, because it reduces the time needed to learn the material well and for preparing for any type of test and/or presentation. Finally: Never, never, never give up and you’re not done until you’re done!