M. Jean Russell Headshot


  • Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
  • M. Jean Russell, Ph.D. brings to The Catholic University of America a unique blend of education, philanthropy and human services. After finishing her formal education, as an adult learner, Dr. Russell’s academic accomplishments include her role as an Assistant Dean at Saint Louis University, and instructional success in the design, management and implementation of curriculum for globally focused programs. Dr. Russell is the former Vice President for International and Domestic Development for Wings of Hope. Her humanitarian work was successful because she bridged all stakeholders, country presidents with regional leaders and tribal chiefs, then identified high impact funders and authored compelling proposals to fund initiatives for healthcare, education and sustainable community development programs designed to permanently break the cyclical nature of poverty. Because of her pioneering work with Wings of Hope, the organization received a Nobel Peace Prize nomination in 2012. As a faculty in the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies, she uses her collaborative style, understanding of curriculum, deep intellectual capacity and accomplished administrative and teaching skills to engage, strengthen communication, and ultimately better serve students.