What does this look like? Is it safe for me to go to class?

Normally, our on-campus classes meet one day a week from 6:10-8:50. However, during these uncertain times, we will have a virtual remote access option for you to continue your education, while COVID-19 restrictions evolve. Our flexible classes allow working adults the opportunity to pursue their education while maintaining their professional careers.

I want to apply, but I am unable to get my official transcript.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions (several institutions closed in heavily impacted areas), MSPS has made updates to our provisional admission policy to allow regular admission for fall 2020 to students with unofficial transcripts. We will need official copies before you register for a second semester. We will continue to regularly admit students without an official transcript to ensure there is no impact to financial aid due to circumstances beyond the students control. Please note that we will continue to provisionally admit, if the transcript does not include a degree conferral. Please consult the MSPS admissions office if you have any specific questions about your individual transcript. 

What financial resources are available for students impacted by the COVID pandemic? 

During these uncertain times, we understand some of our students will need to make financial adjustments and we would like to provide you with resources available for you to continue your education. Students who completed a FAFSA may have the option to be considered for an Appeal of Extraordinary Circumstance to be considered for additional federal financial aid. The Dept. of Education allows the university to take into account unfortunate circumstances such as job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. The current economy leaves many wondering what is going to happen next with unemployment benefits and government assistance including our university. If God forbid, the loss of employment persists for three or more months, the university's financial aid office can make sure your FAFSA reflects your financial situation. At that time, our financial aid department will be sure that you receive the best financial assistance award possible. The form to request this review is available at  https://financial-aid.catholic.edu/_media/docs/2021forms/21fappacsble.pdf. MSPS would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to you. Please keep us updated as your situation changes. We will connect you with our university financial aid office for further assistance.  Please contact us at 202-319-5256 if you have any questions. Please contact our Academic Advisor, Jean-Luc at 202-319-6667 to register for Fall. It is imperative that you direct all your questions regarding financial aid to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. This office will direct you on the necessary steps that need to be taken on your end to make financial adjustments for eligible students. The Office of Student Financial Assistance can be reached at: cua-finaid@cua.edu  or by phone at 202-319-5307."