Ten Standards for Assessment

MSPS's SAIL program is guided by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning's (CAEL) Ten Standards for Assessment. The Standards follow:
  1. Credit should be awarded only for learning and not experience.
  2. MSPS credit should be awarded only for college-level learning.
  3. Credit should be awarded only for learning that has a balance, appropriate to the subject, between theory and  practical application.
  4. Competence levels and credit awards must be made by subject matter/academic experts.
  5. Credit should be appropriate to the academic context in which it is accepted.
  6. Credit awards and transcript entries should be monitored to avoid duplicating credit.
  7. Policies and procedures (including appeals) should be fully disclosed and prominently available.
  8. Fees charged for assessment should be based on services, not amount of credit.
  9. Personnel involved in assessment should receive adequate training.
  10. Assessment programs should be regularly monitored, reviewed, evaluated, and revised.