Course Number Title Description
MSO 365 Introduction to Counseling Provides the student with background in the three basic elements of counseling: self-development, skill development, and process development. Engages students in research on theoretical issues and practical applications of various counseling modalities, as well as examining the process of assessment, treatment, and evaluation as practiced in professional counseling. Provides opportunities to practice a variety of counseling skills with appropriate monitoring and assessment of application.
MSO 328 Public Policy and Human Services Designed to provide students with an understanding of how changes within the local government affect the way social and human services are provided to the poor and indigent in the District of Columbia.
MSO 340 Human Services Administration Serves as a capstone course designed to focus on the operational activities associated with managing and growing a human services organization. Emphasizes issues such as strategic planning and management, organizational assessment, community outreach, and fundraising.
Note: MSO 335 Human Services Delivery: Skills, Strategies, and Resources may be substituted for this course with advisor approval
MSO 345 Legal Issues in Human Services Explores the legislative issues and court decisions related to client rights and care as well as the legal standards to which human service workers are held accountable. The dynamic interplay between law, ethical codes of conduct, and good professional practice is examined.
MSO 450 Case Management Focuses on the case management process to include intake, assessment, action plans, referrals, and resource identification. Assists students in developing/enhancing the appropriate writing skills necessary for creating treatment plans and drafting organizational reports.
MSO XXX Social/Behavioral Science
Elective #1

Students may choose from the following*:

MSO 101 Introduction to Human Services
MSO 180 Introduction to Psychology
MSO 190 Introduction to Sociology
MSO 203 Social Problems
MSO 250 Abnormal Psychology
MSO 334: Human Services Delivery: A Comprehensive Evaluation
MSO 461 Psychology of Group Behavior

*Additional courses may be approved by your academic advisor.

MSO XXX Social/Behavioral Science
Elective #2
Please see above.