MSPS Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology (B.A.I.T.) degree program provides an ideal education to those interested in developing a career in information technology. The program offers a strong liberal arts foundation, along with in-depth exposure to a wide range of information technology (IT) concepts, practices, and technologies. Prospective students may view a general outline of the B.A.I.T. degree program as well as a detailed academic worksheet of the academic requirements for the B.A.I.T. degree.

Career Prospects

The prospects for information technology (IT) workers in the D.C. area are particularly strong. Washington, D.C. has more high-tech workers and companies than any other U.S. region (Washington Board of Trade), and sales from IT firms headquartered here represent 11% of the total IT industry (The Potomac Knowledgeway).

Information Technology Courses

The B.A.I.T. degree program provides the academic background most desired by IT employers. This four-year course of study combines the areas of software, hardware, and the practical application of computer science to help develop a deeper understanding of how to manage, operate, design, and improve technology use in organizational settings. The program provides technical training and management expertise, as well as theory and practice. The course work covers the full range of main IT subject areas, including:

  • Personal productivity
  • Programming
  • Data communication
  • Electronic Business
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • and more.

Program participants are ensured of a particularly relevant education, as the degree program is patterned on curriculum guidelines developed by three premier IT associations - the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Association for Information Systems (AIS), and the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP) - and endorsed by five others.

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Bachelor's Admission

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