To function effectively as a social/human services professional, one must grasp not only the critical skills involved with client and community engagement, but also have a firm understanding of the administration of social and human services delivery organizations within the larger environment. Practitioners must be able to manage client relationships, approach problem-solving analytically, and address administrative and organizational issues in a variety of different political, legal, ethical, and fiscal contexts.

The Human Services Administration Certificate is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to boost the critical skills essential for practice in community and social assistance roles and obtain a targeted credential in the social/human services field.

Who would most benefit?

The Human Services Administration Certificate program is designed for those who wish to improve their client interface skills and administration skills in the context of the social and human services delivery field. The program is ideal for those pursuing careers in social and human services organizations, counseling, education, and management, as well as for those wanting to pursue a graduate program in one of the social sciences.


To earn the Certificate, students must complete 7 courses with a "C" or better. Students who have already completed similar courses at other institutions may apply for transfer credit, but they must complete at least six courses at Catholic University to earn the certificate.


Courses are scheduled on an accelerated basis, enabling students to complete the entire program in as little as one calendar year. Courses are typically offered:

  • One evening per week (5:30 - 9:45 pm) for a half-semester, OR
  • One evening per week (6:10 - 8:40 pm or 6:35- 9:05 pm) or online for a full semester.

Courses involving more complex concepts and quantitative courses tend to meet for the full term. Typically, credits earned toward a certificate program may be applied toward bachelor's degree programs as well.

Gainful Employment Data

The Department of Education requires that schools post Gainful Employment Data for certain types of programs, including this one.  The required information on this program is available here.

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