Anyone over the age of 21 years who graduated from an accredited high school, completed the General Educational Development Test (GED) successfully, or who has successfully completed some work in an accredited institution of higher learning may apply for admission to the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies (MSPS).

Students who otherwise possess the academic and technical qualifications to be admitted as a student into MSPS but who lack previous successful experience, or whose documentation is incomplete, may receive provisional admittance until they successfully complete 12 credit hours of part-time study, or one semester of full-time study, at which time the student's progress will be reviewed and, if judged satisfactory, the student's admittance may be changed to regular admittance. At that point, all pertinent documentation must be on file.

Requirements for Associate's Programs

  1. Online application with non-refundable fees (applicants who attend an information session, or meet with an  admissions counselor, are eligible to receive an application fee waiver).
  2. Please request official High School/GED/ College transcripts and mail to our admissions office:
    Address to mail transcripts:
    Admissions Office
    Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
    The Catholic University of America 
    329 Pangborn Hall
  3. Current résumé of professional experience.
  4. Brief description of educational and career goals. This requirement is addressed in the application that you complete.
  5. Letter of recommendation required. Please contact admissions office for assistance with recommendation letter requirement: metropolitan@cua.edu
  6. Please submit a 250 to 500-word essay describing your educational, career and/or personal goals. You are welcome to share professional accomplishments, personal stories or any other information that best describes your reasons for wanting to attend The Metropolitan School of Professional Studies.
  7. A pre-admission interview with a counselor, if requested by the admissions team.

For More Information

Call: 202-319-5256

Email: metropolitan@cua.edu